Schedule Winter 2016



 Winter International Shows to be

held at the Bill Spilstead Complex for Canine Affairs, Orchard Hills

CLASSES TO BE CONDUCTED WILL BE 1,2,3,4,5,10,ll,18 (dogs & bitches)


Friday, July 29, 2016                                                   Saturday, July 30, 2016

Mrs Z Fon Zidar (Slovenia)              Toys                                        Mr M Leonard (Ireland)      Toys

Mr M Zidar (Slovenia)                      Terriers                                  Mr N Lemo (Croatia)           Terriers

Mr LP Teixeira (Portugal)               Gundogs                                 Mr M Zidar (Slovenia)          Gundogs

Mr N Graves (Canada)                    Hounds                                   Mr C G Perex (Mexico)        Hounds

Mr M Leonard (Ireland)                  Working                                 Mr N Graves (Canada)        Working

Mr N Lemo (Croatia)                       Utility                                      Mr LP Teixeira (Portugal)   Utility

Mr C G Perez (Mexico)                    Non Sporting                         Mrs Z  Fon Zidar (Slovenia) Non Sporting

Mr CG Perez (Mexico)                     General Specials                    Mr LP Teixeira (Portugal)   Gen.Specials


Mrs Z Fon Zidar                               3-6  S/Stakes                           Mr N Graves (Canada)        3/6 S/Stakes

Mr N Lemo (Croatia)                       6-12 S/Stakes                          Mr M Zidar (Slovenia)          6/12 S/Stakes

Saturday only:  Champion & Veteran Sweepstakes to be held at lunchtime

Mr M Leonard (Ireland)  Champion Stakes:    Mr N Lemo (Croatia) Veteran Stakes


Dogs NSW Representative:              Miss HP Church

Order of Judging:                             As per Schedule. 

Judging Commences:    Friday: 9am with Sweepstakes:    Saturday 8.30am with Sweepstakes


Prizes:                         Cash & Sash. Sweepstakes: 1st,2nd,3rd – Trophy & Sash both days

Point Scores:                       Boxer Club of NSW – Adult :  Sat: Dachshund Club of NSW  


Entry Fees:                $15.00 Breed: Baby Puppies & Sweepstakes  $8.00   Each day

                                    $10.00  Champion & Veteran S/Stakes  (entries also taken on day)

Catalogues:                $  5.00  prepaid with Entries   Each day

SPECIAL FEATURE:  Free Entry Friday for:  Border Collies; Australian Kelpies; Australian Silky

    Terriers; Tenterfield Terriers     

Entries close for both shows with:   Mrs Christine Mann

                                                            PO Box 85,  GLENORIE   NSW  2157

                                                            Telephone (02) 9652-2716  (no calls after 9pm please)

                                                            Email:  [email protected]

Cheques made payable to:   The Sydney Kennel Club Inc.

One cheque for both days.   Please mark entries clearly whether Friday or


Closing date for entries:    July 15, 2014

No SAE required.  Exhibit cards will be picked up at the Show.  Breed numbers will be posted on Australian Dog Show. Breed entry numbers on Facebook.


Breeds of Interest:   Mrs Fon Zidar– Labrador Retrievers; Dobermann;  Mr Niksa Lemo – Pugs Dobermann; Min Schnauzers; GSP; Irish Setter ,Tib. Mastiff;  Mr Michael  Leonard –  Cavalier King Charles Spaniels; Old English Sheepdogs; Japanese Spitz;  Mr Miraslav Zidar –  Dobermann; Labrador Retriever   Mr Luis Pinto Teixeira  – Boxer; English Cockers; Golden Retrievers;  Mr   Cesar Gutierrez Perez - Pug; Chihuahua; Xoloitzcuintle; Dalmatian  Mr Neil Graves :  Whippet, Great Dane, OES; Lhasa Apso; Shish Tsu


The Club reserves the right to alter judging arrangements or substitute judges if required.   No Club Officer or Committee Member of The Sydney Kennel Club Inc. exhibits at these shows.

Contact Details

Kay Eldred
Sydney, NSW, Australia
Phone : 02 9627 2230
Email : [email protected]